Rupert’s Baby: One Woman’s Search for Her Past

Rupert’s Baby: One Woman’s Search for Her Past

By Tracey Walshaw

Janet Keall was left at the back door of the hospital in Prince Rupert, BC as an infant. She has no idea of her family history and after trying to find out more information on her own she is reaching out to the public. Janet created a website called Rupert’s Baby with links to a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram.

I have a bit of a selfish reason for asking that our readers help spread the word. Janet is a friend of my family. She is a lovely, giving woman. Wouldn’t it be great to help her solve this mystery?!

“I have no idea where I was born, when I was born and more importantly, who created me. At the most vulnerable time in my life I was abandoned on a cement ground leaving my future to chance.

All I know is that I was abandoned as a newborn baby and later found on the back doorstep of the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital on the early morning of October 14, 1977.” – Janet Keall

Read the rest of Janet’s story here.

An original newspaper clipping:

Rupert Baby