Ruling on Bill 9 Injunction Appeal: Minister Toews

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Travis Toews issued the following statement regarding the government’s successful appeal of the injunction against Bill 9:

(Sept 6, 2019) “Today’s decision by the Court of Appeal is a positive result for Alberta taxpayers.

“We introduced Bill 9 because Albertans rightly expect that the government would have the full picture of the province’s economic situation before engaging in public sector compensation discussions.

“This decision ensures government can make fully informed and prudent economic decisions in the interest of both taxpayers and workers during a time of fiscal restraint.

“As we receive more information ahead of Budget 2019, a very clear picture is emerging of the significant economic challenges the previous government left us with.

“Our government has great respect and admiration for the work of Alberta’s public sector and I look forward to constructive discussions with union leadership as we seek the best value for the hard-earned dollars that Albertans pay for our public services in this difficult economic climate.

“We are committed to getting Albertans back to work and our fiscal house in order, while ensuring the long-term viability of high-quality services for all Albertans, who expect government to live within its means, just as they do.”

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