Royal Canadian Legion Branch #78, Turner Valley: 2015-2016 Executive and Awards

Installation of the New Executive and Awards Presentation took place at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #78 in Turner Valley on May 30th, 2015.

The New Executive for 2015-2016 is:

President, Ray MacGregor
1st Vice-President, Linda Macaulay
2nd Vice-President, Jim Deacon
3rd Vice-President, Eileen Pool
Past President, Michel Jackson
Treasurer, Wendy Williams
Secretary, Leslie Miller

The Legion Executive wishes to thank the Outgoing Executive:
Michel Jackson, Linda Macaulay, David Petrovich,
Ray MacGregor and Wendy Williams

The following presentations were also made:

Ladies Auxiliary Presentations
Lillian Willford 35 yr. , Gail Page 40 yr. Esther Pack 10yr.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation
To be presented at their meeting:

Scouter Shawn Rose
Scouter James Tucker
Scouter Tony Campbell

Dannie Webster
Ron Webster
Jamie Barker
Howie MacIntyre
Rick Onsecue
Doug Eaglesham

To be presented at their meeting:
Turner Valley Fire Department
Longview Fire Department
Black Diamond Fire Department
Priddis Fire Department
Redwood Meadows
Foothills EMS

Friendship Award
Turner Valley Branch 78 Ladies Auxiliary
Foothills Lions Club
Virgil Green to be presented June 9th
Jerry Forbes, CJAY 92 to be presented June 9th

Media                     Okotoks Western Wheel to be presented June 9th or at their office

Branch Service Award

Donna Sharp
Charlotte Martens

Certificate of Merit     Pat Armstrong to be presented June 9th
Tony Iati    (Gordon to present in Bragg Creek)
Betty Foran  to be presented June 9th
Wayne Odegard
Oilfields Turner Valley Parent Group Committee (At their meeting)

Life Membership:    

                 Michel Jackson
                 Eileen Pool
                 Sydney Barker
                 Larry Williams
                 Wendy Williams

Service Pins

Ordinary Members
10 yr.     Dennis McIvor
15 yr.     Jim Huntley, Peter Jones, Don Ward, Stephan Kolisnyk, Anthony Wilford, Irene Wilford
20 yr.     Brent Lewis, Michael Long, Bud Oleinkow
35 yr.     James Bratrud, Terry Friesen
40 yr.     John Cowan, Michael Power, John L’Hirondelle
50 ys.     Eugene LangKammer, Ken Stauffer

Associate Members
5 yr.       Inez Davis, Barry Hopkin, Glenna Hopkin, Linda Macaulay, Ken Macleod,
10 yr.     Gord Berbich, Stephan Cowan, Irene Cuthbert, Eric Jackson, George Kent, Terry McBride,                            Kathryn McGuire, Vicki McGuire, Lloyd Nelson, Dan Poland, Val Sheridan, Verna Staples
15 yr.     Josephine Flexhaug, Guy LaBlanc, Tara MacKay, Milo Melvin, Wendy Williams
20 yr.     Shane Allerdings, Robert Bjornson, Teresa Deacon,
25 yr.     Kristy Cheesman, Thelma Jackson
35 yr.     Colin Gordon, R Joseph McDonald
40 yr.     Garry Jessop

5 yr.     Barry Pearse, Shani McKiney, Arthur Laing, Jessica Friesen,
10 yr.     Don Elliott
15 yr.     Mac Brocklebank


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