Rowan Residents Treated to ‘Day at the Spa’


When women arrive at Rowan House, they often have very little more than the clothes on their backs.

While we do provide them with basic clothes, pajamas and toiletries to get them through their stay, it’s not the same as having your own closet, make-up and hair accessories.

Spay Day - Rowan HouseAs noted by the Look Good Feel Better program for cancer patients, medical research has proven the better a person looks, the more confident they feel and the faster they recover.

I think it’s quite similar for our residents who spend all of their time in shelter trying to get everything in place for the next step in their journey, they often struggle to remember their own self-care.

So, you can imagine how special it was when the women’s ministry from the Black Diamond Gospel Chapel treated them to an evening of pampering!

Each woman received a manicure and had the opportunity to make their own sugar scrubs and bath bombs.

The evening was topped off with chocolates, treats and beach bags filled with gifts for everyone.

Thank you to the church for making this possible—our residents were truly touched.