Rowan House: Exciting Children’s Program Update

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada to address adaptations needed to our program in the face of Covid-19, Rowan House is pleased to announce the addition of Play Therapy to our Children’s Program.

With the increase in domestic violence incidents over the course of the pandemic, and the resulting increased exposure of children isolating in those environments, we felt there would be a greater need for this specific expertise in the coming year. 

The Play Therapy program will provide support for children of all ages and their families served by Rowan House (within the shelter, Outreach program, and our Healthy Relationship Groups) at no cost to clients.The program will be adapted during Covid-19 to ensure safety including individual sand trays, art supplies, PPE and sanitizing miniatures between uses.

This is something that our Children’s Program team has been wanting to implement for a very long time and they’re beyond thrilled to be able to finally offer this locally, rather than having to refer families to the city.