Rowan House Enters Horse in Spruce Meadows Auction


Rowan02-434x300The community of Rowan House Emergency Shelter is thrilled to be involved in the Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up program.

The main colour of the horse is purple because it is the international colour of Domestic Violence Awareness and Rowan House’s signature colour.  Of course The Rowan Tree (commonly known as the Mountain Ash Tree) is featured, for which Rowan House is named. This tree is often used to represent peace, sanctuary, privacy and beauty.  The berries stay on the tree throughout the winter, sustaining the birds. This reflects the endurance of life through the dark of the year.  According to folklore the tree provides protection for the homes of those who grow it in their gardens.  The roots, trunk, branches, leaves and berries are the foundation of the Leg Up horse’s design.

Rowan01-434x300Also added to the design are butterflies (hope, healing and transition) and a dreamcatcher (wholeness and connection).  The horse sports a brand; the symbol for gratitude. Gratitude is a large part of life at Rowan House for residents and staff which is acknowledge every day.

A young staff member and artist Brook (high school student) took on the project of painting the horse with staff and community members pitching in where needed.

The Rowan House community is excited to have the ongoing opportunity to raise public awareness for the prevention of domestic violence with this very identifiable symbol.  The horse of course is an important part of the history and culture of the Foothills region.

Bid on Rowan House’s horse here