Rope Up Some Great Reading at the Longview Library

The Longview Library is gearing up for an exciting winter season. The library is situated in the first floor of the Village Office building. It’s a small library, but it is chalk full of good reading materials , DVDs and take out puzzles. It has an extensive collection of Westerns and the most popular authors are Elmer Kelton, Louis L’Amour and William Johnstone. Our classical section is widely used, with authors such as Ayn Rand, Tolstoy and Orwell frequently taken out. New children’s books arrive regularly, and there is a child’s section with tables and chairs for them to look at their books or do puzzles. We have a small selection of DVDs, and would appreciate donations of these to augment our numbers. We also have a large selection of magazines: Architectural Magazine, Chatelaine, Gardening, and Sporting ones, to name a few. As well, we have the program Zinio, by which you can access, with your library card, free magazines. And we have Press Display, which gives you over 2000 newspapers from different countries in 60 languages to read, which also requires a library card.

If any of you would like help with these, our volunteer, Christal, will be at the library from 10 to 12 every Thursday morning.

The Crib Club will begin it’s winter season Thursday, September 11th from 2 to 4pm. Joan is baking a cake to welcome everyone back. It will continue throughout the winter months at this same time.

The library phone number is 403-558-3927. Our hours are Tuesday and Thursdays 10am to 5pm and Wednesdays 12pm to 7pm.

A fun read is The Ten Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer. It is a witty, humorous study of four New York women who have given up careers as accountants and lawyers in order to have babies. At middle age, they find themselves in mid-life crisis, wondering what to do with themselves, now that the job is done. Wolitzer’s books have been made into two movies: Surrender Dorothy with Diane Keaton and This is My Life directed by Nora Ephron.

Happy Reading!