Roof Collapse at Saskatoon Farm

JM Equestrian rents the arena at the Saskatoon Farm east of Okotoks. The roof collapsed Monday.

From Facebook:

(Monday) was one of the most terrifying days that I am pretty sure myself and my incredible crew will ever experience…
Total horses evacuated: 7
Total cats: 5
Dogs: 2
Pigs: 2
People: 16

At approximately 4:00pm we heard rapidly increasing “tick… tick… BANG tick… tick… bang”

We thought that it was ice melting and breaking off of our roof of our 250 x 150 indoor arena. Upon inspection of the attic at approximately 4:38pm we discovered the truses we failing.

We immediately went into action as we have practiced large scale fire drill evacuations.

All humans inside were instructed to get to the nearest walls and vacate the premises, all adults with ems training or ehc training then went to work evacuating all livestock.

At 4:46 the arena and barn was emptied.

At approximately 4:49…. the entire roof collapsed.

This was my version of hell. Lives were nearly lost. Please. I beg of you. Trust your gut.

I can’t tell you how many times we said “it’s just ice”

A huge thank you to Ryan and Jamie Davis, my husband Kerry Langner and the firefighters and ems that arrived on scene.
Please be aware that all boarded horses are safe, secure and happily munching hay.

The building is closed until further notice.

Best Regards

Morgen Langner, JM Equestrian Inc.

Help is Needed

We are in need of the following and would be unbelievably grateful to anyone and everyone that can help:

  • Straw bales
  • Hay
  • Water troughs x 2
  • Water truck to haul water while we wait for the ok to reroute power from the building
  • A porta potty for volunteers
  • A snowblower or blade or something to that effect that could clear our outdoor arena of approximately 2’ of snow so our remaining boarders have somewhere to exercise their horses.

We are forever grateful for everyone’s support, concern and well wishes.

Team JM Equestrian

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