Romance along for the ride on Calgary Transit

Calgary, Alberta – The winning couple of Calgary Transit’s Valentine’s Day contest met on the bus and fell in love, literally.

Trevor Myers met the woman of his dreams when the passenger lost her footing and fell directly onto his lap riding the Route 20 bus.

“As the bus pulled away from her stop, Amanda stumbled and quite literally fell into my life,” said Myers. “I met my future wife because she fell on me.”

After embarrassed apologies, the pair discovered they were both headed to their first day of classes at the University of Calgary. They fell into easy conversation over the 45-minute ride comparing class schedules and made plans to walk on campus together. Myers proposed a year later on the anniversary of their chance meeting aboard the bus.

“That day on the bus was the most important day of my life,” said Myers. “Had it not been for that driver pulling away, I may never have met my wife.”

As winners of Calgary Transit’s annual contest asking riders to share stories of meeting their significant other on transit, the couple will receive transit passes plus some Calgary Transit swag and Valentine’s treats.

The contest is a great tradition that many look forward to, said Calgary Transit spokesman Ron Collins.

“Every weekday, we connect over half a million Calgarians to people and places that matter. Whether it’s fate or luck, there’s something special about being at the right place and time on a bus or train, and then meeting the love of your life,” said Collins.

Trevor and Amanda: A Calgary Transit Love Story

IMG_20150213_153607“I was sitting on the Route 20 bus, happily minding my business on my way to my first day of university, when lo and behold, a beautiful girl falls into my lap!  As the bus driver was pulling away, my future bride Amanda stumbled and quite literally fell into my life. I realize how completely cliché this all sounds but it is the honest truth, I met my wife because she fell on me!

“After the initial embarrassed apologies, I scooched over to make room for her in my seat. As I snuck glances at her and realized just how cute she was, I began to get more and more nervous. While not exactly awkward, I certainly wasn’t a ladies’ man who could easily strike up a conversation with a pretty girl. I desperately wanted to talk to her but couldn’t think up a way to break the ice without seeming like a weirdo. Who hits on a girl on the bus anyways?!

“After a few minutes of thinking up and subsequently rejecting lame conversation openers, I saw her pull out a piece of paper. Being an experienced transit ‘people watcher,’ I put my well-trained peripherals to the test and discerned that she was reading a University of Calgary course schedule. There, I said to myself, is my ‘in!’ As nonchalantly as I could, I reached into my bag and pulled out my own sheet of classes and times. Pretending to be oblivious to the fact that she too was looking at her list, I sat there in anxious trepidation, waiting for her to strike up a conversation.

“It wasn’t long before Amanda, thankfully not nearly as shy as I was at the time, saw my schedule and struck up a conversation. My gambit had worked! I found out that she, too, was on her way to her first day of university. Chit chat swiftly became meaningful conversation and the following 45-minute ride flew by in an instant. We walked together once we got to the campus, helped each other find our classes, and met up every chance we got.

“It wasn’t long at all before we realized we were in a relationship. It also wasn’t long before I knew that she was ‘the one’ (yes, another cliché!). After spending nearly every free moment with Amanda for the first month, my mother, who understandably missed her absentee son, called me on the fact that I was spending so much time with my new girlfriend. ‘You better get used to it,’ I said, ‘She’ll be your future daughter-in-law.’ I proposed to Amanda on the one year anniversary of the day we met. After nearly 10 years together, we are still head over heels in love (last cliché, I promise).

“That day on the bus was the most important day of my life. Had it not been for that bus, I may never have met my wife. Thank you, Calgary Transit.”