Roger Brooks Session Coming to Okotoks ~ The Art of Branding Your Community

September 29   
8:15am at RPAC
Light refreshments 
Free of Charge

Registration info will be available soon at so check back regularly.

On September 29 at 8:15am, there will be a public workshop presented by Roger Brooks titled, “The Art of Branding Your Community.” Roger will explain the branding process for Downtown Okotoks; why it is important; that branding goes far beyond logos and tag lines; and the benefits of branding the area for years to come. He will also unveil an important online questionnaire, and introduce the members of the Brand Development Committee.

Over the past thirty years internationally renowned community branding expert Roger Brooks has helped tens of thousands of people transform ordinary places, businesses, and attractions into extraordinary destinations and enterprises. Downtown Okotoks will soon undergo a branding initiative that will enable the community to discover its untapped potential as a thriving locale.

Branding is the art of setting yourself apart from everyone else. It is the perception people have of you and the promise that you will deliver on that perception when they arrive as a visitor, potential resident, or to establish a business. Championing the Roger Brooks 13-step branding process will be done through a local Brand Development Committee (BDC). This 15-member group made up of downtown leaders, stakeholders, and businesses will take the lead in finding and developing the brand direction.

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