Robocall Judge Says Conservative Staffer Sona Guilty – and He Did Not Act Alone

Conservatives must come clean about their operatives and database being used in voter suppression crimes

OTTAWA – Today a judge in Guelph found former Conservative operative Michael Sona guilty of election fraud but said other people were involved in the scheme – the largest electoral fraud in Canadian history.

“Given the judge’s clear verdict that more people were involved in this crime, it’s time for Stephen Harper and Conservative Campaign Director Jenni Byrne to stop trying to blame it all on one young staffer and tell Canadians what happened,” said NDP Democratic Reform critic Craig Scott (Toronto–Danforth).

Just as Justice Mosley found in the previous court case on fraudulent robocalls, Judge Hearn confirmed that the Conservative database was used for the crime and other operatives were involved.

“Conservatives must stop claiming this is all just one bad apple – the Judge made very clear that other people were involved,” said Scott. “The Conservative stonewalling has to stop.”

Not only have they failed to come clean, Conservatives have actually cut funding to Elections Canada and tried to re-write Canada’s election laws to limit the independence of the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

(NDP Canada)