River Safety

While levels in the Sheep River are normal for this time of year, the water is exceptionally cold and the current is very fast, increasing the danger to the public.

While enjoying a sunny afternoon dip in the river sounds ideal as the days are becoming hotter, it is dangerous and the Town strongly recommends not doing so.  Water levels in rivers can fluctuate and the depths can vary dramatically. Slippery rocks can cause falls and feet can become trapped.

Rivers in the foothills can contain debris such as logs and overhanging trees, making entering the water extremely risky. Swimmers and rafters can easily get caught in these hazards and the current can cause them to become trapped.  Even the currents in shallow water can be very forceful.  

As the river is an unguarded area, people must use caution near it.  River conditions can change rapidly and the public should be vigilant in keeping abreast of updates and advisories. For the latest river advisories please visit  https://rivers.alberta.ca/ and http://www.okotoks.ca.

The public’s cooperation is appreciated.