Rimrock Feeders: A New Neighbour in Foothills County

The former Western Feedlot has been bought and rebranded.

Rimrock Feeders is owned and operated by the Price family from Acme, Alberta. Doug & Helga Price (father & mother), Kendra & Bryan Donnelly (daughter & son-in-law) and Tonay & Evan Hegedys (daughter & son-in-law) are all active managers of the business along with Joe Lofthouse (Executive), Katie Keates (Office Manager) and Brett Raines (Construction Manager).

Rimrock’s plan for the feedlot is to replace existing infrastructure with steel fencing and rolled compacted concrete (RCC) lining on the pen floors. This will create a well-maintained feedlot with more efficient manure management practices, higher quality manure for soil nutrient management, and improved animal health & welfare. Working closely with Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd., Rimrock will develop a section of the feedlot dedicated to research, development & technology.

Once fully operational, Rimrock will employ up to 40 people. They will be locally sourcing silage, barley, straw, and other commodities, and working closely with local farmers on manure management.

As fourth generation Albertan Farmers and Ranchers, the Price Family is excited about this new venture and looks forward to collaborating and becoming a part of the strong agricultural community of High River and Foothills County.

If you are interested in working for Rimrock check out the website: