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Riley on Bookish Pet Peeves

Riley’s Reading Ramblings

bookish pet peeves

In this episode of Riley’s Reading Ramblings, the lively Riley J. Froud holds nothing back when it comes to bookish pet peeves!

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There’s nothing like a good rant . . . especially when it’s Riley J. Froud on Bookish Pet Peeves in this episode of Riley’s Reading Ramblings!

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bookish pet peeves

Riley J. Froud is truly a wonder to behold. No, honestly, she really is. Originally from the Welsh seaside, she now lives in the French countryside, where she runs a small village bar with her husband Roy and their dog, George.When not working, she spends her time writing and wondering. Mostly wondering, actually. The writing tries to muscle in whilst the mind wanders. She started out writing serious stories until she realised that she just can’t keep a straight face and hence, a whole bunch of Underlings were born.Visit Riley J’s Facebook Page to see all the general nonsense she posts, and don’t forget to visit her blog to get dragged through an eye-rolling, jaw-flapping, thigh-slapping world of magic and mayhem.

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  • syl , April 6, 2018 @ 12:57 pm

    Lol, I share some of them. 🙂 😀 Especially not saying which book it is in the series and not listing the series in order. Lol publishers. if I happen to read the last in the series out of order, you can forget about me going back and reading what came before. too late!! You lost me there. I suspect there is some misguided marketing logic behind this silliness.

    Oh, and… it was all I could do to not laugh. 😛 😛

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