Richard Gotfried, MLA Calgary-Fish Creek Supports Jason Kenney for Leader of the PCAA

Jason Kenney (Twitter)

Calgary, Alberta – Richard Gotfried, Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek, has endorsed Jason Kenney for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.  Gotfried and dozens of his supporters joined the Kenney team at a Calgary rally attended by more than 700 people working to unite Albertans into a single free-enterprise party conservative movement.

Quotes from Richard Gotfried:

“I’m constantly engaged with my constituents and I strive to be in tune with their expectations, that’s what got me elected.  The message I’m hearing from my constituents in Calgary-Fish Creek and across the province from students and parents, from small business owners, tradespeople and professionals, from my family and from my own conscience is crystal clear: unite Alberta conservatives and earn their trust to form government in 2019 without the risk of vote-splitting.  The very future of Alberta, our prosperity and the opportunity to renew the Alberta Advantage is at stake should we continue on the NDP’s ruinous path.”

“Jason Kenney is both the right person and the best person to re-unite Alberta conservatives.  He’s smart, experienced, articulate and resourceful.  He’s a consensus builder with the gifted leadership skills needed for a new, big tent Party for Alberta conservatives.”

“For the past 8 months, I joined many dedicated Albertans working on behalf of PC membership with a clear mandate to conduct a fair, open and transparent process in choosing a new leader.  I want to thank the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta for the honour and privilege of serving in this capacity as a member of the Leadership Election Committee.”

Quote from Jason Kenney:

“I am grateful to receive Richard’s endorsement for leadership of the PC party. Richard’s reputation and work as a community builder is a critical addition to our Unity Campaign. In the time that I’ve known Richard, I’ve also been impressed with his dedication and support for PC party youth. Given his principled approach to public service and steadfast belief in Alberta’s free-enterprise spirit, I look forward to working with Richard on this leadership campaign.”