Ric McIver releases campaign contribution list

Calgary, September 4, 2014 – In keeping with his commitment at the beginning of his leadership campaign, Ric McIver today released his list of campaign contributions in advance of the first ballot to elect the next leader of PC Alberta and Premier.

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of my campaign contributors, who believe in me and my track record of modest expenses, ending entitlements, and respecting taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars,” said Ric.“I deeply appreciate their support.”

“I’m running a modest campaign with a balanced budget,” Ric added. “If elected as PC leader and Premier, my 4.1 million bosses can expect me to run the government the same way – modestly, and with a balanced budget.”

When he launched his campaign, Ric made three important commitments to ethical leadership as PC leader and Premier:

• No senior member of the McIver Leadership campaign team – nor any company they own – will be eligible for government contracts.

• The Chief of Staff to the Premier will make less than the Premier.

• Companies and individuals will be prevented from working for the Alberta government at the same time they are registered to lobby the Alberta government.

Ric also committed to release the list of individuals who would be ineligible for government contracts should he become Premier. They are: Ken Boessenkool; Martyn Lafrance, Heather Massel; Jordan Katz; Carol Oxtoby and Tyler Shandro.

For the full campaign contribution list please see here: Ric McIver Campaign Contribution List