Ric McIver Outlines Proposed Changes to PCAA Policy

Calgary, July 2, 2014 – A Ric McIver government will introduce much-needed changes to the PC Alberta structure to re-connect the party’s grassroots and elected members with the Premier’s Office if elected leader of the PC Party and Premier of Alberta.

“My bosses in the PC party have told me loud and clear that they haven’t felt heard by government leadership,” said Ric in making the announcement at a PC Alberta leadership reception tonight. “MLAs are elected to represent all of the bosses in their ridings, and they’re the ones who need to make sure their constituents’ concerns are heard and acted upon by government. Rebuilding relationships between MLAs and the Premier’s Office will be a key priority under a Ric McIver government.”

In his remarks, Ric outlined his four-point plan for rebuilding the PC Alberta organization and democracy, including party policy development, improved relations between PC Alberta and MLAs, better communications between the Premier’s Office and PC MLAs, and a new approach to fundraising.

“There is a lot of good work our party and members are doing together,” said Ric. “Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I believe we can do more and be stronger, and I believe these ideas will help us accomplish that goal.”

1. On party policy development, a Ric McIver government will introduce a policy book that begins at the grassroots level and includes input from caucus and relevant ministries during the development process.

2. To strengthen the connections between the Premier’s Office, caucus and the PC Party, Ric will have regular weekly meetings with his Chief of Staff and the Executive Director of PC Alberta. As well, the Executive Director will regularly address PC caucus meetings.

3. On MLA-Premier relations, Ric recognizes that elected representatives are in the best position to tell the Premier about the issues and concerns in their own constituencies, Ric McIver will maintain an open-door policy with all PC MLAs, meeting with several at a time each week.

4. On fundraising, Ric McIver told the audience he believes the true success of a party is in the strength of its grassroots support, and that people vote with their feet and their wallets. He advocated a grassroots fundraising system that will give supporters the opportunity to support and grow their local constituency association as well as the party. This grassroots financial support will be a key factor in fundraising efforts in a Ric McIver government, with reduced reliance solely on the generosity of corporate donors.