Ric McIver comments on resignation of former Premier Redford

“Today, former Premier Redford made a difficult but necessary decision.

Back in January, I began cleaning out the rot at the top long before the PC leadership race began, when I took action on ending entitlements in government by cancelling the former Premier’s Sky Palace.

When I announced my intention to run for PC leader and Premier in early May, I made ending entitlements the centrepiece of my campaign.

Throughout, I’ve been talking about bringing in Common Sense New Thinking – leading from the top and beginning with the Premier’s Office. I’ve consistently said my expense accounts are boring, and I expect everyone who works for me to have equally boring expense accounts.

I cannot stress enough how committed I am to ending – once and for all – the culture of entitlement in the Premier’s Office and setting the example for the rest of government. If I’m elected PC leader and Premier, Albertans can count on me to ensure the mess created by a past culture of entitlement is cleaned up once and for all.”