Ric McIver comments on release of Auditor General’s report

“I want to thank the Auditor General for doing a great job with this report. I fully agree with his recommendations and believe the government needs to act on these with all possible speed. I’m pleased to hear that the government has committed to doing that.

Back in January, I started cleaning out the rot at the top when I cancelled the former Premier’s Sky Palace. I am running for PC leader and Premier to finish the job.

I believe this report is a clear message of the need to remember every single day that we as elected officials are only here to serve the taxpayers of Alberta. I believe government needs to take seriously the recommendations and learn all of the lessons that need to be learned. If I’m elected as PC leader and Premier in September, I will ensure all of the recommendations are implemented as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I fully support referring this report to the RCMP for further investigation and any appropriate action.

I am also pleased to know that the PC party has stepped forward to reimburse government for the cost of flights which the Auditor General has determined were primarily for party purposes. We cannot allow a blurred line between government and party business. Albertans must be confident their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent only on government business.

This report raises serious questions about the value for money of government planes, and suggests that value has gone down. I am prepared to eliminate these planes and use commercial alternatives.

When I announced my campaign for the PC leadership back in May, I made the commitment to Common Sense New Thinking, replacing insider establishment thinking by ending entitlements, including inside tracks for contracts and lobbying. I’m the only candidate with a proven track record of ending entitlements.

We have much work to do to regain the trust of Albertans. Our bosses expect and deserve no less from their elected representatives. If I’m elected PC leader and Premier, I will lead by example in my expense accounts and value for Albertans.

Ric McIver
Edmonton, August 7, 2014