Reward for Missing Karelian Bear Dogs

My beloved girls have been taken from me; Willow and Aspen my Karelian Bear Dogs went missing last Sunday afternoon (May 6th) between 12:00pm and 12:45pm from my rural property South West of Calgary. I ask you to please share this anywhere and everywhere that you think would be helpful. My only idea left is to make my girls so recognizable that somebody, somewhere will know them when they see them.

Though I suspect they have been stolen I have mounted an intensive search of the area. Volunteers from the community have searched the hills around my house with a tracking dog, scanned from the air with drones for hours, and I personally hiked those hills until I strained the major ligaments in my legs and literally couldn’t walk.

I will expand my search on horseback but in the meantime, I believe truly that they have been stolen. It feels so unfair to me. We have been through so much together already. These girls were nothing short of service dogs for me. They just helped me through the hardest year of my life. The people responsible for this have no idea what they have taken from me, and what they have taken from my dogs.

My aim was true with Aspen and Willow. I was planning to give them the best life that two sisters could dream of having. I had a 15 year plan with these girls. I was already planning to take them travelling in Europe with me next year. We were going to go to Alaska. I was going to show them the world. I love them. I loved them from the first moment we found each other

My guess is that this was a random crime. I feel no-one who has ever seen me with my dogs or heard me talk about them could do this. I think it all transpired before the realization of what this would mean to another had hit home.
If somehow the person involved is reading this, I beg of you, you can make things right. I have no intentions of prosecuting anyone for mistakes made. I just want my girls back. Simply leave them at my gate and drive away. Please.

Thank you all in advance and I can’t describe what everyone’s support means.

Michael Lacey

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More photos of the girls…..