REVISED: ASIRT investigating police pursuit in Calgary area

On October 19, the Director of Law Enforcement assigned the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) to investigate a motor vehicle collision which resulted in a young woman being seriously injured.

RCMP were called when a 21-year old female who has a mental disability drove the family’s ATV off their property near Gleichen and onto a nearby highway. At approximately 1 p.m., an RCMP constable spotted the driver swerving from lane to lane on Highway 22X. The RCMP followed the woman from a distance back from the ATV and activated the emergency lights to keep traffic away from her.

The woman drove the ATV to Deerfoot Trail and went northbound where the Calgary Police Service’s HAWCS helicopter assisted and was able to coordinate ground units as to the location of the ATV and apprise them of traffic conditions. HAWCS was in contact with the RCMP and the constable who was holding traffic back on the Deerfoot Trail. The ATV was travelling at 80 km/h in the 100 km/h zone.

As the Calgary Police Service’s (CPS) units became involved, the woman exited the Deerfoot at Southland Drive where she lost control of the ATV and hit a metal fence. She was ejected from the ATV and landed on a bicycle path. She was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

ASIRT has obtained video from the CPS HAWCS helicopter and the RCMP vehicle that first located the woman. This evidence is currently being reviewed, but it appears the RCMP and CPS officers involved took actions to keep the woman safe.

ASIRT continues to investigate and is seeking the assistance of anyone who witnessed the collision at Southland Drive and Deerfoot Trail SE or anyone who has video of the incident. Witnesses are asked to contact ASIRT at 403-592-4306.