Review of government agencies focused on improving services, ensuring value for Albertans


A review of Alberta’s agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs) is underway, part of the government’s plan to improve services for Albertans and ensure value for taxpayers.

“Albertans need to feel confident that our agencies, boards and commissions are using public dollars effectively and efficiently. It is also important these public agencies are transparent and accountable, and are following good governance practices. This review, combined with new legislation to expand the sunshine list and enshrine it in law, will help ensure Albertans are getting value for their money.”

Joe Ceci, President of Treasury Board, Minister of Finance

Alberta’s 301 agencies, boards and commissions direct the spending of almost 50 per cent of the province’s budget.

Ministers are reviewing review organizations associated with their departments, considering their role and mandate, board membership, and governance. They will also identify areas of duplication and potential cost savings.

An outside consultant will advise government on rationalizing and standardizing compensation levels.

The first phase of the review includes 136 public agencies subject to the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act and is expected to be completed by March 2016.

The second phase of the review will include 141 agencies that are not governed under the act, concluding next summer. The third and final review phase, to be completed in late fall 2016, will focus on boards of governors at public post-secondary institutions.