Residents Have Their Say on a Tim Horton’s in Black Diamond


Our publisher, Tanya Thibodeau, is a great advocate for business and economy in our area. She wants to see the Diamond Valley area grow and thrive, so when she heard that a local group of concerned citizens were meeting to discuss the possibility of a Tim Horton’s coming to Black Diamond she wanted to attend. The meeting was held at the Griffiths Centre in Black Diamond on Tuesday, December 2nd. The outcome was that 13 people were in favour and they asked Tanya to attend the Town Council meeting on Wednesday to share the views of those in favour.

Tanya made some excellent points on how bringing in business helps grow the economy and in turn helps existing businesses, Tanya indicated that “It’s a proven economical fact that competition is good for business”. She also pointed out that many people were against chain stores and franchises but these already exist in town, for example FasGas, Subway, Pharmasave, AG Foods, OK Tire, Maxwell Realty, Rona and Esso – even our “local” Sandul’s Pharmacy is part of a chain via Apple Pharmacies. The local businesses were surveyed in June 2014 about franchises and drive-ins and there was support for these ventures in a 2-to-1 vote – by the very business community that the well meaning, concerned residents were trying to protect by advocating against the franchises.

Here is the recording of the presentation she made to Council.


Tanya would also like to provide clarification that “As pointed out by Michel Jackson at the council meeting, this particular application was specifically regarding a change in zoning under the Land Use Bylaw for a particular parcel of land, that most residents turned into a debate about Tim Horton’s and other franchises.  This particular application was not specifically regarding the approval of a Tim Horton’s restaurant with a drive-thru.  The change in zoning of the Land-Use means that an establishment such as a Tim Horton’s with a drive-thru could be potentially allowed. The intent and implication is certainly there, but that was not specifically the application being voted on.”

Town of Black Diamond Council gave 2nd and 3rd reading to an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw allowing for the addition of “drive-in food services as a discretionary use.”* The amendment was approved allowing Jaymont Developers to proceed with their application.

LUB map - Town of BD*The LUB defines the proposed additional use in the following way:
“drive-in food services” means development used for eating and drinking which offers a limited menu for rapid customer service and includes one or more of the following features: car attendant services; drive- through food pick-up services; or parking primarily intended for the on-site consumption of food within a motor vehicle.