Research Grants Support Safe, Healthy Workplaces

Eight new research projects funded through Alberta’s OHS Futures program last year focus on improving workplace health and safety in the province.

The grant program provides up to $1 million in funding each year to help researchers at academic institutions, industry associations and labour organizations find new ways to study and prevent hazards in Alberta’s workplaces.

“Our government is proud to fund research that makes Alberta workplaces safer. These projects support the prevention of occupational injury, illness and disease, while also helping foster a better understanding of emerging occupational health and safety issues in our province’s workplaces.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour


Projects funded in 2016 explore a wide range of workplace issues, including worker exposure to welding fumes and non-reported work-related injuries among licensed practical nurses.

Additional information about the 2016 grant recipients is available on the OHS Futures webpage.

2017 OHS Futures Research Funding Program

Researchers with an interest in occupational health and safety are encouraged to apply for 2017 OHS Futures funding.

The application process has improved this year to streamline the process. Applicants will first need to submit a notice of intent to apply for OHS Futures funding.

The application period runs from Jan. 12 – Feb. 12, 2017. Visit the OHS Futures webpage to apply.