Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the May 5, 2015 Provincial General Election

Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the May 5, 2015 Provincial General Election

Alberta’s Chief Electoral Officer, Glen Resler, released his report on the May 5, 2015 Provincial General Election, as required by section 4(5) of the Election Act.

The report contains information on all aspects of the electoral process associated with the delivery and conduct of the 2015 Provincial General Election.

Some highlights of the report include:

  • legislative and procedural changes implemented in 2015
  • new initiatives introduced by Elections Alberta
  • official results
  • election cost summary
  • voting demographics by age and gender
  • outreach and elector engagement
  • comparative statistics to previous elections in Alberta
  • recommendations for legislative change that are to be addressed  by the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee

Elections Alberta is an independent non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly responsible for administering provincial elections, by-elections, referenda and Senate Nominee elections.

Cost Per Voter Breakdown and Comparison

2012 2015 Change
Total Cost of Election $ 13,631,864 $ 18,987,748 28.21%
Names on the List of Electors on Polling Day $ 2,447,369 $ 2,821,518 13.26%
Average cost per name on the List of Electors $ 5.57 $ 6.73 17.23%

Local Totals:  

Highwood: $133,125

Livingstone-Macleod: $129,729

Primary Factors for the Increase in Cost

$1.7 million increase in staff costs;

• 10% population growth: polls established for every 450 electors

• First time 7,000 poll clerks received training

• Additional day of advance poll

• New staff positions: trainer and information officers

$1.1 million increase in advertising costs: TV (new) and increased social media presence; $800,000 increase in postage costs, includes 35% increase in rates; and $350,000 increase in printing costs.

See the full report here. – PDF (Please be advised that the pdf files are fairly large due to the amount of maps contained in the report. You may also request a hard copy by contacting our Office)