Renewed Wildrose to Focus on Holding PCs Accountable, Paving out New Ideas for Alberta


EDMONTON, AB – A renewed Wildrose Official Opposition will be squarely focused on holding the PC government accountable and presenting a positive alternative that will create jobs, grow the economy and make Alberta an even better place to live, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said.

With an elitist PC government blaming Albertans for years of PC broken promises, waste and mismanagement, Forsyth said Albertans can expect an even stronger opposition determined to put Albertans first.

“Mr. Prentice has shown he is willing to make any promise to get elected and then pull it off the table just weeks later,” Forsyth said.  “In the meantime, he is acting like chicken little, hurting investing and growth in our economy, and threatening to level the largest tax increase in our history on the backs of hardworking Alberta families.”

On improving the province’s finances, the Wildrose will further outline its commitment to not raising taxes, ending corporate welfare and shrinking the size of government.

Forsyth said Albertans will see the Wildrose to talk about big ideas on how to improve health care and education, while showing areas where PCs have squandered front-line resources.

“Albertans are tired of PC politicians making big promises on health care and education, only to pull the rug out from under them after an election,” Forsyth said. “The Wildrose thinks Albertans deserve better.  We will talk about the big ideas on how to reform health care, target spending to front-line services and restore a world-class education system.”