Reminder to Join the Conversation: “Looping the Friendship Trail”

By Pam Jones, Editor.

I wrote the first article on Looping the Friendship Trail as an informational article to encourage residents to attend their next meeting, tonight at 7:00 pm at the Turner Valley Golf Club, and join in the discussion with the Healthy Management group.

I am amazed at the number of comments on Facebook attached to the post of this article on the “Yes, I know where Black Diamond is…” page*.

The conversation has started – let’s continue it in the positive way it has begun. The “Friends of the Friendship Trail” group being considered would be a good way to raise the funds to cover this project. It has been done in the past with other organizations with great success. John Waring, Turner Valley Councillor, made the suggestion of “simple trails with wood chips” – a very pro-active approach in my opinion and cost-efficient.

It is also encouraging that respresentatives of the two towns are getting involved at this very early stage of the conversation. The planning of routes by a group of citizens can end up being such a waste of time if they later find out that the involved landowners had others plans for certain areas.

Attend the meeting tonight – you might be surprised at the open and honest dialogue, the reasons behind the thoughts that have gone into proposing this project and contribute your own positive suggestions on how this could go forward.

If you missed the first article you can read a copy here:

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