Remembrance Day: Statement from Premier Notley

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement for Remembrance Day 2018:

“Today, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November, we pause in grateful reflection. Exactly a century ago, the Armistice was signed to end the First World War. We celebrate the day the guns fell silent.

“Today, we take time to remember the thousands of Albertans, among tens of thousands of Canadians, who paid for our freedoms with their lives. We honour the soldiers, nurses and others who came home wounded in body and scarred in spirit —and those who did not come home at all.

“Our thoughts turn to the families that were ruptured, the hearts that were broken and the blood that was shed so that we might live in peace. We also think today of the women and men now serving our country in places of conflict and crisis. We hope they will soon return to us, safe and secure.

“Our debt to those who served a century ago is great. Though we can never repay that debt, nor mend what has been irreparably torn, we can remember those who risked and gave their lives for our protection. Today, and always, we will remember them.”