Remembering Victims of Terror: Premier Notley

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement on the National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism:

(June 23) “This day of remembrance started in honour of the 329 people aboard Air India flight 182 who lost their lives to a terrorist bomb on June 23, 1985.

“The bomb downed the plane off the coast of Ireland. The airline was not Canadian, but many of the people were – and 33 years later, we remember them. We remember the shock, the horror and the images of families bereft of their loved ones.

“Over the years, terrorism has claimed other Canadian lives. Some died overseas. Some were lost right here in Canada, where Canadians have a right to feel safe at prayer, riding a train or ferry, visiting a library, standing guard at a national memorial, attending a hockey game and walking down the street.

“Too many extremists see terror as the solution to religious and cultural differences, to hate and conflict. We know better. As Albertans and Canadians, we know that diversity is our strength. We know that peaceful coexistence is possible, that acceptance is achievable, that what divides us is by far outweighed by all that unites us.

“The love of family, learning and community, the freedom to practise our faith and culture – we have these things because we respect them in others. And we acknowledge and thank the security units and first responders who keep us safe from those who do not share these values.

“On this day, we remember all the victims of terrorism. We honour our lost loved ones, neighbours and colleagues by reaffirming our commitment to acceptance and diversity. And that example will continue to be a beacon of peace to the world.”