Remembering Former Reeve Roy McLean

Roy McLean passed away Monday, March 18 leaving a legacy of having served on Council for 21 years. First elected as Councillor for Division 2 in 1989, Roy became Deputy Reeve in 1994 and served as Reeve from 2000 until his retirement in 2010.

Roy’s class, gentlemanly nature and diplomacy are qualities that are mentioned again and again by fellow elected officials, administration and staff.  He ran a tight ship – no hats please, but he was unfailingly patient in letting everyone say their piece, even if their views might be in utter opposition of his own.  He was also known for his dry wit and has been able to provide relief in many a tense moment through a clever comment.

During his time with the MD of Foothills, Roy was instrumental in many projects that contributed to where the municipality is today. Some projects include the building of the current joint administration building, development of the Aldersyde Public Works Shop, paving of Highway 540, the planning of the Crescent Point Field House, and the Charles Clark Medical Centre.

Roy and his wife Lenore were always heavily involved in in their community and the cattle industry.  In 2017 the Calgary Stampede and BMO Farm Family Awards recognized Roy and Lenore McLean of Stimson Creek Ranches for their outstanding contribution in the MD of Foothills.

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Source: Foothills County