Remembering Constable David Matthew Wynn

wynn TRP 47_4600_1St. Albert, Alberta – Constable David Matthew Wynn was born October 18, 1972, in Newcastle, New Brunswick. Dave’s family describes his childhood as revolving around outdoor pursuits, which extended into his adult life. He began fishing for salmon at a young age on the Miramichi River. Dave enjoyed all types of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, snowmobiling and dirt biking. He and his family would spend their summers at the cottage at Oak Point. Dave had taken up his love of fishing from his dad. He also learned to be a woodworker from his dad. Dave was also active in scouting, and achieved the highest levels of recognition and certification.

After graduating from Miramichi Valley High School in 1990, Dave went on to study civil engineering at Acadia University. As his mother Cay states, Acadia is where he learned to play crib. After two years at Acadia, Dave decided that he wanted to pursue a different dream and left Acadia.

Dave took up an interest in scuba diving and became an instructor. He began to work at Sobeys in the bakery where he baked bread overnight. Dave became famous in the community for his work, and the product was affectionately known as “Davey’s buns.”

On Nov 1, 1993, after having worked a night shift at the bakery, Dave was on his way to the South Shore, Nova Scotia to go diving for scallops, when he was involved in a serious single motor vehicle collision. Dave overcame serious injuries from the accident, and was inspired by the incident to pursue a new career as a paramedic.

Dave was successful in his training and became a paramedic in the spring of 1994, in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Dave always loved to work with people and in his community. He became friends with many of the RCMP members during his time as a paramedic. This planted the seed with Dave and he began to pursue his dream, went to Depot, and became a RCMP member.

Cay, Dave’s mother, talks fondly about how he always liked to dream big. When he was young he wanted a car with a fancy sound system, so he went out and put a $4,000 sound system into a used car he found for $500.

Dave met Shelly, his wife, in 1997 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. They were both Red Cross first aid instructors when they first met. Dave and Shelly were later reintroduced through Shelly’s best friend, Cheryl, who scuba dived with Dave. The romance quickly turned serious and Dave proposed to Shelly on the beach by the ocean. They married on September 5, 1998, and three boys quickly followed over the next two and a half years.

Matt, 15, Nathan, 14, and Alex, 13, meant the world to Dave. The boys describe their special time with their dad as being any time they went fishing. The “group” of Wynn men were active fly fishermen, and had recently enticed Shelly to participate in their favourite pastime.

Dave lived for his boys and actively made their pursuits his. He was involved with Matt’s hockey, Nate’s mountain biking, and Alex’s soccer. The family home has an impressive model train set that was being worked on by Dave and his boys.

Dave was active in his community of St. Albert, and close to his co-workers. He took a lot of pride in being a member of the RCMP, and one of his proudest moments was his graduation from Depot on July 20, 2009 with his family and friends present. Dave’s uncle, Sgt. Duncan MACINNIS (ret’d), presented him with his badge on graduation day.

Everyone who talks about Dave describes him with the same words: prankster, teaser, joker, kind, dependable and a likeable guy.