Remediation of High River Boulevards Underway

HIGH RIVER, AB: Parks crews and contractors are actively remediating a number of boulevards throughout town, starting with the southeast and southwest quadrants. This is part of dozens of remediation and reconstruction projects the Town of High River has been actively working on this year.

“The assessments carried out in the spring identified the level of damage and work required to remediate boulevards,” said Kim Unger, parks remediation and recovery lead for the Town’s renewal operations.

The extent of the damage varies significantly from location to location and is dependent on the level of silt and flood debris embedded in turf, and rutting from vehicles, etc. “Some areas will be aerated, top-dressed and over-seeded while others will be completely cored out, loamed and sodded,” added Tannas Webb, parks supervisor, Town of High River.

“At times it may look like we are digging up perfectly good sod, however, it’s generally debris such as glass that is imbedded in the soil that requires us to remove the soil or sod for safety,’ said Webb.

Two local companies, Farmboy Landscaping & Maintenance and K C Landscaping & Maintenance, are carrying out the work. This work will continue while weather permits. Any uncompleted areas will be completed in 2015.