Relocating after Flooding

Information on relocating a home after flooding, including available compensation

Available funding

Flood-Harzard-AreaHomeowners living within a floodway may be eligible for relocation compensation. To receive this compensation, apply to the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) and indicate you live in a floodway. Your application will be flagged.

If you have already applied for the Disaster Recovery Program, phone 1-888-671-1111, provide them your file number from your original application and your application will be updated.

Compensation is 100 per cent of your last municipal property tax assessed value. This compensation is only available for those living in a floodway in southern Alberta.

The deadline to apply for relocation is August 30, 2014. Submitting an application is not obligating the property owner to sell their home. A formal agreement to sell will be required.

You choose where to relocate

Homeowners will be allowed to relocate anywhere they choose. They can have their home inspected at their own expense before applying for relocation. We may help communities to establish new, serviced subdivisions to accommodate land swaps in places like High River, where 80 per cent of the town flooded. This assistance may or may not be financial.

The Alberta government will not lease properties bought in the relocation program.

What should homeowners do with the existing homes?

Turner Valley - Black Diamond Flood Hazard MapIf your house is unsafe to live in, please look for alternate accommodations. If you can be in your home, do what you can to prevent further damage while you decide what you will do in the future. You have choices. We will inform you about your available options as soon as possible.

How long will it take to relocate?

This will depend on a number of factors, including where you choose to relocate.

When will funding be available for relocating?

This will depend on the homeowner completing their application and finalizing decisions about repairing, rebuilding or relocating.

Through the floodway relocation program, homeowners will be paid the value of their property based on their 2013 municipal property tax assessment. This compensation is only available for owners in a floodway in southern Alberta.

The municipality and homeowner are responsible for the accuracy of the assessment. If you disagree with your 2013 property tax assessment, you may appeal through your municipality.

Will there be an appeal process for homeowners?

There is already an appeal process under the DRP

There is an appeals process for the relocation compensation. You will have a minimum of 30 days after receiving the final decision on your assessment to apply for a relocation payment.

Municipalities have an existing process for homeowners to appeal their property tax assessment. Contact your municipality.

(Source: Government of Alberta)