Regional Intermunicipal Transit Discussions Held in Red Deer


(EDMONTON March 27, 2015) Regional municipal representatives this week were in solid agreement that public transit is vital to Alberta’s economic diversification and long-term prosperity.

Following a first meeting between the transit-related committees of each of the Capital Region Board (CRB) and the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) March 26 in Red Deer, the group of about 25 representatives from the CRB Transit Committee and the CRP Regional Transportation and Complete Mobility Steering Committee agreed to continue the conversation in the fall.

“The collaboration between CRP and CRB will allow us to work more closely with the province on its transportation policies,” said Canmore Mayor John Borrowman, the meeting’s CRP co-chair. “It makes sense to collaborate with CRB to continue to consolidate our expertise and knowledge.”

CRB’s co-chair for the meeting, Councillor Wes Brodhead of St. Albert, called the gathering a significant step toward the creation of provincial transit policies, which currently do not exist. “We are optimistic that this new partnership between CRB, CRP and the province can help clarify how public transit contributes to the sustainability of municipalities and regions of Alberta, and engage the province in developing a new transit policy framework.”

Among the areas flagged for further discussion is a framework and timeline being proposed by Alberta Transportation.