Red Deer RCMP remind drivers not to leave children unattended in vehicles


A good message no matter where you are this summer:

During the summer months Red Deer RCMP respond to numerous reports of children being left unattended in vehicles. During the extreme heat throughout the summer, Red Deer RCMP ask the public to be extra vigilant in reporting incidents of children who have been left unattended in vehicles without a caregiver within sight or hearing range.

Red Deer RCMP remind the public that vehicles are not secure, even when locked. Children left unattended can fall victim to disaster in mere minutes under the wrong conditions. They might:

· suffer medical distress requiring immediate medical attention

· exit the vehicle and go missing

· fall victim to abduction or vehicle theft

If you see a child left alone in a vehicle without a caregiver within close range, please call the Red Deer RCMP complaint line at 403-343-5575. Provide the call taker with the location, license plate and type of vehicle. Follow the instructions of the call taker and remain with the child and vehicle until police arrive. Do not break the windows to the vehicle.

Red Deer RCMP take reports of unattended children in vehicles very seriously; consequences could include Criminal Code charges and investigations by Child and Family Services.