Recommendation to remove Justice Camp: Statement

Alberta’s Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, Kathleen Ganley, has issued this statement following a recommendation by an inquiry committee of the Canadian Judicial Council to remove Justice Robin Camp.

“This recommendation is an important step forward to reinforce the way our courts should approach sexual assault cases.

“The inquiry committee formed by the Canadian Judicial Council confirmed that Justice Robin Camp relied on discredited myths and stereotypes about women and victim-blaming during the trial and in his reasons for judgment.

“Asking for an inquiry was not a decision I took lightly. On reviewing the transcripts, I thought it was important that victims know this was not an acceptable way for any victim to be treated by the justice system.

“The decision for a victim of sexual assault to come forward can be very challenging and it is crucial that they know they will be treated with respect and dignity and not subjected to sexual myths and stereotypes.

“Albertans must have confidence in the judicial system and I am absolutely committed to ending any instances where sexual violence is excused or explained by blaming victims.

“As the report notes, Justice Camp’s conduct reflected ‘discriminatory rape myths that have contributed to women’s inequality.’

“Survivors of sexual assault are not responsible for attacks or crimes committed against them and our government will continue to work to eliminate those myths.”