REALITY CHECK: Rachel Notley and Pipelines

Rachel Notley told the Calgary Herald on Friday that she supports pipelines to get Alberta energy resources to market – where there is a realistic chance of them being built. Here is the relevant portion of the article (Calgary Herald, April 25th):

“‘Gateway is not the right decision. I think that there’s just too much environmental sensitivity there and I think there’s a genuine concern by the indigenous communities,’ she said. ‘It’s not going to go ahead. I think most people know that.’

“Notley said, however, that the NDP is interested in both the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain line to Vancouver and the proposed Energy East pipeline to Atlantic Canada.”

Ms. Notley underlined the importance of processing and value-added development to Alberta’s energy future, rather than the PC party’s focus on exporting Albertan jobs.

The PC campaign, desperate to save a floundering government, accused Ms. Notley of opposing all pipeline construction – a gross distortion of her position.

Danielle Smith explains Rachel Notley’s pipeline position to PC campaign

Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith explained Rachel Notley’s position on pipelines to the desperate PC campaign today, and reminded them of Jim Prentice’s thoughts on the topic:

@ABDanielleSmith: @syncrodox1 Because she doesn’t support Northern Gateway? She supports Kinder Morgan & Energy East which are the 2 most likely to be built.

@ABDanielleSmith: @syncrodox1 I dunno. I thought the Premier kind of expressed doubt too when he said Kitimat might be the wrong port:

Source Alberta NDP