REALITY CHECK: Prentice ABC Promise Heavy on Rhetoric, Light on Details


EDMONTON, AB – Last week, after facing steep criticism for protecting ABCs from salary disclosure rules and increasing spending while raising the largest tax increase in Alberta’s history, Jim Prentice stumbled out another dithering policy prescription to reduce ABCs by 25 per cent.

Now, he needs to be straightforward with Albertans, and say which 80 ABCs are getting trimmed.

We continue to see wildly inconsistent policy positions from Mr. Prentice. If this is anything more than a quick way to curry favour from voters, he needs to gives us the details.

Prentice says he’s a man of his word, but he’s doubled back on his budget twice now, and he’s failed to keep virtually every promise he made during his PC leadership campaign.

This is a perfect opportunity for Mr. Prentice to show he’s thought this promise out and will see it through.

See the full list of ABCs here.