RCMP: Vehicle Break and Enters in Cochrane

During the last 6 months Cochrane RCMP have had a significant increase in vehicle break and enters in the residential areas of Cochrane and the surrounding communities.

Unlocked vehicles parked in residential areas appear to be the highest targets, with night time being the preferred time of day. Entry into unlocked vehicles parked on streets and driveways seem to be the most favoured method for suspects to gain entry and steal items from these vehicles. In some instances, vehicles were entered through an unlocked door and once inside the vehicle, thieves will look for garage door openers in the vehicle and use those to gain entry into the garage of a residence, and in a few cases entry into the residence through an unlocked door leading from the garage to the interior of the residence.

Members of the general public are reminded to be aware of suspicious activity taking place in their neighbourhoods and to report any suspicious activity to police. The following tips can help reduce the chances of being a victim of this crime.

1. Ensure vehicles are locked and secure when parked in public areas,

2. Remove all valuable items from the vehicle or keep items out of plain view,

3. Keep garage door fobs locked in a secure compartment of the vehicle,

4. Do not leave anything with your address on it within plain view in your vehicle,

5. Park in well lit areas, or consider using exterior residential lights or motion sensors to illuminate vehicle driveways,

6. Be aware of any suspicious vehicles/persons or activity in your neighbourhood, and

7. Report suspicious activity to police immediately.

The public is also encouraged to get involved in with your local Citizens on Patrol.

If you notice any suspicious activity in your community report it to your local police or to Crimestoppers.

Cochrane RCMP-GRC: 403-851-8000; 359 – 1st Street East, Cochrane, AB

Crimestoppers: http://www.crimestoppers.ab.ca/ or 1-800-222-8477