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RCMP & Alberta Emergency Alerts ~ Updates on Wildfires in Southern Alberta 9:45pm

October 17th, 2017, 9:45 pm.
AEARCMP - wildfiresThe following are updates from the RCMP at various detachments in Southern Alberta on the state of the current wildfires and evacuation orders in effect.  Below the RCMP updates are updates from Alberta Emergency Alert.

Gleichen RCMP – Evacuation Order

Gleichen, Alberta – Ongoing wildfires fuelled by high winds has resulted in an evacuation order being issued for the town of Gleichen. All residents of Gleichen are being asked to attend to a reception centre at either;
– Strathmore Civic Centre, 120 Brent Blvd
-Standard Community call, 150 Yorick Ave, Standard.
RCMP officers are going door to notify residents as quickly as possible.

UPDATE – Oyen RCMP – Further evacuation – Empress

Oyen, Alberta- Winds continue to push the fire east. The fire has now crossed the South Saskatchewan river. A state of local emergency has been declared for the village of Empress. Residents of Empress are being evacuated south to the Bindloss Community hall where a reception centre has been established.

Hwy 41 is closed south of the intersection with Hwy 570. No traffic is permitted south of 570 on Hwy 41.

Oyen RCMP – Evacuation of Hamlet of Acadia Valley

Acadia Valley, Alberta –  A state of emergency has been called by the MD of Acadia as a wildfire threatens the hamlet of Acadia Valley. RCMP and emergency services are working to evacuate all residents. Winds moving the fire rapidly eastbound.
Acadia valley is approximately 30 km south of Oyen.

Grass Fires in Strathmore Area
Strathmore RCMP are advising that two grass fires have ignited in the Strathmore area.
The first is located near Highway 910 and Range Road 264. Preliminary reports indicate a train caught fire near the Agrium Plant which in turn created a grass fire due to the extreme winds. The train did not derail. No injuries have been reported.
The second is located in the area of Highway 817 and Highway 24 near Sisksika Nation. Some residents in the rural area near the fire have been evacuated.
Also, be advised that Highway 1 is closed from Highway 21 to Range Road 214 due to the fires.
All evacuees or anyone concerned for their safety are asked to attend the Strathmore Civic Centre.
Details are limited at this time as the wildfire situation is changing rapidly. Additional information will be released as it becomes known.

Airdrie RCMP – Evacuation of Sharp Hill neighbourhood
Airdrie, Alberta – Please be advised that a reception centre for evacuees has now been established at Genesis Place.
For immediate release
October 17, 2017

Airdrie RCMP – Evacuation of Sharp Hill neighbourhood

Airdrie, Alberta – Airdrie RCMP and fire crews are currently evacuating residents of the Sharp Hill neighbourhood on the South East side of Airdrie. A fire near Hwy 2 is being moved east, towards Sharp Hill residences at a high rate of speed due to severe winds.

Evacuated residents are being asked to attend the No Frills store on Yankee Valley for the time being. Airdrie RCMP Victim Services are at the No Frills parking lot and will register evacuees.

The following alerts have been shared with you from the Alberta Emergency Alert App.

Crowsnest Pass. UPDATE 9:32 pm

Alberta Emergency Management Agency has updated the Wildfire Alert. This alert is in effect for: Crowsnest Pass. UPDATE – The out of control Wildfire between the Sentinel Industrial Park and Coleman continues to burn and is still being driven by the winds towards Coleman. Everyone on Willow Drive is ordered to evacuate immediately. Everyone else in Coleman should be prepared to evacuate on short notice. A Reception Centre has been opened at the Vertical Church in Pincher Creek. Highway 3 westbound from Coleman remains barricaded by the Police and caution should be used when travelling due to heavy smoke. All evacuees should go to (at 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd) or call the Vertical Church ( 403-904-0021) in Pincher Creek to register.

Phone # 403-627-9457. For details visit or stay tuned to local media.

The Hilda Area Of Cypress County Updated

This is an Alberta Emergency Alert. Cypress County has updated the Wildfire Alert. This alert is in effect for: Cypress County. There is a serious fire which is now moving towards the hamlet of Hilda in Cypress County which is located east of Highway 41 north. Residents are now being asked to evacuate to the Cypress County Office in the hamlet of Dunmore. If you are in the affected area: The residents of Hilda are asked to evacuate immediately. Residents should go to the emergency reception center at the Cypress County office by traveling south on Range Road 11 to Township Road 162. Then, travel to Highway 41. Please take all necessary precautions as visibility is poor. Please follow the direction of local authorities. For details visit or stay tuned to local media.

Gleichen and Carseland Wheatland County Update

Wheatland County has updated the Wildfire Alert. This alert is in effect for: Wheatland County. Wheatland County has declared a State of Local Emergency. Several Running Wildfires. Community of Gleeshen (Gleichen) is being evacuated. Residents in areas surrounding Carseland and East to Gleeshen (Gleichen) are also affected by fires. Reception Centers are open at Strathmore and Standard. If you are in the affected area: Gleeshen (Gleichen) residents evacuate now. Do not wait. Peace officers will be going door to door. Elsewhere if you are near fire evacuate immediately to Strathmore Civic Center or Standard Community Hall. Follow the directions of local authorities. More details on For details visit or stay tuned to local media.

Hamlet of Moon River Estates, M.D. of Willow Creek

Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 has updated the Urban Fire Alert. This alert is in effect for: Willow Creek #26. Wildfire is being fought at the Hamlet of Moon River Estates in the south-east corner of the M.D. of Willow Creek. Those who have not yet evacuated, please gather at the Horse Paddock by the river in the Hamlet and follow all instructions from Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. A reception center is open in Fort Macleod Hall on Highway 3. (307-25th Street). If you are in the affected area: To Moon River Estates Residents – those who have not yet evacuated, please go to the Horse Paddock at the bottom of the hill and follow all instructions from Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. For details visit or stay tuned to local media.

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