RCMP Turner Valley – Injured Hiker

In the late evening hours of November 29th, 2014, Turner Valley RCMP were called to assist with a pair of injured/stranded hikers in the Cat Creek area of Kananaskis.

After hunting for the day, a male became injured and unable to walk, leaving him to sit huddled in the weather with another associate while temperatures dipped below -35°C. A third male managed to hike by himself to the roadway where he could get cell phone coverage to call for help.

Due to the rugged terrain and deep snow in the area, Turner Valley RCMP as well as Conservation Officers responded using snow machines and managed to get close enough to the stranded pair to walk them down and drive them back to safety. Although extremely cold and nearing hypothermia, all parties were in good health and spirits.

The RCMP would like to remind the public that it is especially important during winter months to be prepared at all times for the possibility of adverse weather conditions and being stranded in them for a period of time. Having the right equipment and knowledge is vital to ensuring the safe enjoyment of any area, both on and off the road.