RCMP Southern Alberta – Long Weekend Update

RCMP Southern Alberta – Long Weekend Update

Calgary RCMP Major Crimes Unit arrests man for McColl homicide

Calgary, Alberta –  Members of the RCMP’s Major Crimes Unit (MCU) based in Calgary have arrested and charged a 49-year-old man in the murder of Adrienne McColl whose body was found in a rancher’s field near Nanton on February 17, 2002.

Stephane Joseph Raymond Robert Parent (age 49) was arrested without incident outside his residence in Gatineau, Quebec this past weekend by MCU investigators. He has been charged with Second Degree Murder and will be returned to Alberta today, February 19, 2018 to have his first court appearance set in Calgary.

The investigation involved members from several specialized units of the RCMP as well as between its investigators in O Division (Ontario) and K Division (Alberta).  The arrest of Stephane Parentcomes 16 years after Adrienne McColl disappeared on or around Valentines Day 2002 and whose remains were discovered in a field by a rancher tending his cattle near Nanton, Alberta three days later.

Both Adrienne McColl and Stephane Parent were residents of Calgary in 2002.  Stephane Parent purchased a one-way ticket to Ottawa, Ontario shortly after Adrienne’s murder and he has resided in the Ontario and Quebec regions ever since.  It was outside his home in Gatineau, Quebec that investigators located and arrested him on February 17, 2018.  Stephane Parent will be returned to Alberta in police custody on February 19, 2018 to have his first court appearance set in Calgary.

The RCMP would like to thank the media for its assistance in this investigation and for it’s coverage of last week.

The thoughts of the members of the RCMP investigators who have been involved in this investigation over the years are with the family of Adrienne McColl as they seek to cope with her tragic loss.

Given that this matter is now before the courts, the RCMP will not be providing any additional information or details about this investigation as the appropriate place to do so is during the upcoming court proceedings.

Background: Calgary/Nanton RCMP continue investigating murder of Adrienne McColl

Nanton, Alberta – It will be 16 years this Saturday, February 17, 2018, since Adrienne McColl was found murdered in a rancher’s field five miles outside of Nanton and approximately 85 kilometres south of Calgary.  The young woman, who was 21-years-old at the time of her death, was last seen alive around Valentine’s Day 2002.

The homicide investigation by police has not ceased since the day Adrienne’s body was discovered by a rancher herding cattle, nor are investigators considering relenting in their efforts to charge the person(s) responsible for her murder.

Members of the RCMP’s Major Crimes Unit based out of Calgary, have been following up on recent tips in the investigation as well as re-examining ones gathered previously during the investigation. New technologies have come into being which have allowed for new information to be obtained from the evidence and exhibits held in relation to the case.  This new information has already allowed the investigation to progress in ways it could not prior to the existence of the new technologies.  In a case where the police must follow the evidence, these developments have enabled the investigators to advance the investigation further along the path to the day when that evidence will be presented in court at the trial of the person(s) who killed Adrienne McColl 16 years ago.

While progress has been slow, it nevertheless has been positive.  Investigators are confident that the answers to the last few remaining questions are close at hand; and that means that the individual(s) responsible for Adrienne’s murder is/are that much closer to being apprehended and charged accordingly.

The key to the investigation lies with those who know how Adrienne died.  Police are sure someone in the public possesses the answers to the remaining questions and it is just a matter of that information making its way to investigators.  It requires not only the efforts of the police, but also the efforts of the public and the community in which Adrienne lived, to ensure that her killer(s) is/are apprehended and brought to trial.

The RCMP would like to hear from anyone who has information pertaining to the murder of Adrienne McColl and encourages them to contact the RCMP, their local police service or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).

Chestermere RCMP – Unfounded School Shooter Complaint

Chestermere, Alberta- On February 16, 2018 at approximately 11:15 a.m. school administration at Chestermere Lake Middle School (CLMS) reported a concern a student may be planning to engage in a school shooting. The Chestermere RCMP immediately responded and conducted a thorough investigation which revealed a student in another school reported overhearing a remark by a student of CLMS indicating they were going to carry out a school shooting. This disclosure was made to school administration who passed the information to CLMS administration. It has been confirmed the student who allegedly made the comment was not in possession and did not have access to firearms. More importantly the investigation conclusively determined the threat to conduct a school shooting was false and completely made up.

While the investigation is ongoing, a charge of Public Mischief will be pursued against the youth who falsely reported and accused another student of planning to carry out a school shooting. False allegations of this nature are treated seriously given the resources committed to these types of situations and the potential for large scale panic to ensue.

“The Chestermere RCMP would like to stress all complaints involving school violence are treated with extreme seriousness and are met with an immediate response,” says Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz, Chestermere RCMP detachment commander.  “False reports of such events are not a joke and can lead to criminal consequences as was the case today.”

Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team – Targeted Arrest of Wanted Man

Olds, Alberta – The Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Team (SACRT) has arrested a man from Olds wanted on 63 charges spanning four jurisdictions.

On February 13, SACRT assisted Olds RCMP with apprehending 44-year-old Morgan Stephen Winter who was wanted in connection with offences from Olds, Innisfail, Didsbury as well as Calgary Police Service. At the time of his arrest, Winter had outstanding warrants for:

Sec 333.1 CC           Theft of Vehicle (2 Counts)

Sec 56(1) CC            Possession of Identity Documents (1 Count)

Sec 259 CC              Drive While Prohibited (1 Count)

Sec 403(1)(a) CC       Identity Fraud (5 Counts)

Sec 402.2(1) CC        Identity Theft (5 Counts)

Sec 380(1)(b) CC      Fraud Under $5000 (5 Counts)

Sec 380(1)(a) CC      Fraud Over $5000 (2 Counts)

Sec 367(1) CC          Forgery (8 Counts)

Sec 355(b) CC          Possession of Stolen Property Under $5000 (9 Counts)

Sec 145(3) CC          Fail to Appear (7 Counts)

Sec 368(1)(a) CC      Utter Forged Document (10 Counts)

Sec 129 (a) CC         Obstruct Police (1 Count)

Sec 354(1) CC          Possession of Stolen Property (1 Count)

Sec 733.1(1) CC       Breach Probation (7 Counts)

Winter has been remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear on February 16 in Didsbury Provincial Court via CCTV.

SACRT is a newly formed team of RCMP officers whose mandate is to target known offenders and reduce crime in Southern Alberta.  SACRT is an intelligence lead unit that will identify those criminals who have the biggest impact on communities and work towards the disruption of their ongoing criminal activity. The unit is committed to increased inter-agency communication, shared criminal intelligence and a strategic focus on repeat property crime offenders, in keeping with the K Division emphasis on crime reduction strategies.