RCMP Rural Crime Reduction Pilot Projects Wrap Up Successfully

Central Alberta District – The outcome of two pilot projects in the Central Alberta District, independent of the provincial Crime Reduction Units reported great results.  The first project launched in the northern region surrounding Wetaskiwin and ran from April 16, 2018 until August 16, 2018.  Following that, the Sylvan Lake region was part of the second project and was a Joint Forces Operation with the Lacombe Police Service.  It ran from September 1, 2018 through to the end of December, 2018 and was also very successful.

The combined two Projects netted the below results:

  • Number of arrests:                                                                           129
  • Arrest warrants executed (from several detachments)                113
  • Search warrants executed                                                                10
  • Recovered/seized vehicles                                                              53
  • CDSA seizures                                                                                 32
  • Seized firearms                                                                                13

Of Note: Other weapons including bear spray, brass

knuckles and stun guns were also seized

  • Fresh charges laid by the Crime Reduction Project                    300
  • Charges brought forward from other jurisdictions                        320

Central Alberta District detachment jurisdictions have shown a decrease in reported crimes as follows:  criminal code files decreased by 11% in 2018 from 2017.  Property crimes, which had been on the rise since 2014, decreased by 15% in 2018 from 2017.

 “The success of these two pilot projects makes it clear that our policing approach is making a difference. The intelligence gained through these two projects will be used in 2019 with further ‘short term teams’ and Joint Forces Operations.” – Staff Sergeant Mark Groves, Central Alberta District Advisory NCO.

Valuable groups such as Rural Crime Watch Association and Citizens on Patrol continue to work with the RCMP to be the eyes and ears of the rural communities.  These partnerships have led to many arrests and the recovery of stolen property.

The provincial Crime Reduction Unit based out of the Central Alberta District office is firmly established and continues to actively operate to support the detachments within central Alberta as well as neighbouring agencies.

“We see our value not only in positive numbers, but in some of our more impactful investigations.  The recovery of 9 specialty racing bikes in August, stolen from an international racing team in Edmonton or the recovery of two high end Camaros, stolen in September are some of the highlights of 2018. Outcomes like these bring a smile to everyone’s face.” – Sergeant Scott Lande of the CAD Crime Reduction Unit.