RCMP Reminds Canadians to not forget our Missing Children


Edmonton, Alberta – May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day. The RCMP has not forgotten our missing children. Help us bring them home.

The RCMP dedicates May 25th to publicly support the families who live with both the painful uncertainty of ever seeing their child again, and the fervent hope that their beloved child will be found safe and returned to them.  The RCMP invests heavily in personnel and techniques to locate missing children and quickly return them to their families unharmed.  Working with the families, police partners, municipal, provincial and federal agencies, and with dedicated support groups such as the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, we can find our missing children, and bring them home.

“No family should have to live with the uncertainty of a missing child,” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP.  “My RCMP officers in Alberta are not just uniforms; they are people who can understand the pain of a parent whose child is missing.  We encourage the public to help us bring the missing children home.”

The RCMP dedicates this day to the unwavering courage and hope of families with missing children, and to the courage of those missing children, wherever they are. How the public can help: