RCMP Reminds Albertans How to Have a Ghoulishly Good Time this Halloween

Edmonton – Ghosts, ghouls and other creatures that go “bump” in the night will be out roaming the streets very soon. The Alberta RCMP remind road users to be aware of spooky creatures and other pedestrians who may cross their paths.

Make sure you carve out enough time to arrive at your destination safely. There will be an increase in pedestrian traffic today! Happy Halloween!

We’ve got some tips to follow to ensure a safe and fun Halloween for everyone, both drivers and unicorns alike!

·         Encourage children to wear a light coloured costume or attach adhesive reflective strips to dark costumes to be more visible to cars.

·         Masks and hood can obstruct vision. Face paint is a great alternative that allows your child to see clearly.

·         Cross at crosswalks and follow traffic rules and signals. Do not cut out from between cars or cross busy streets without an intersection.

·         Travel with parents, guardians or in a trusted group if you are older.

·         It’s getting dark early – carry a flashlight or cell phone to help light your path.

Not everyone wants to participate in the Halloween fun!

·         Only approach houses with lights on.

·         Do not approach strangers or animals you don’t know. Animals can get spooked if they don’t know who you are.

If you’re driving in residential areas:

·         Be alert that trick-or-treaters may be on the sidewalks and streets.

·         If you’re wearing a costume, make sure it does not distract others or make you unable to drive safely.

·         Do not drive impaired under any conditions. Schedule a taxi, ride share or designated driver to get you home safely.

·         Pull in and out of driveways slowly. Always signal your intent and only proceed when it is safe to do so.

Follow these tips and trick or treat yo’self to a great Halloween! For more traffic safety tips, follow us @RCMPAlberta on Twitter and @RCMPinAlberta on Facebook.