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RCMP Releases Update on the Implementation of the MacNeil Recommendations

Moncton, New Brunswick – (Last week), the RCMP released an update on the significant progress made in implementing the recommendations from the Independent Review into the Moncton tragedy that saw three RCMP officers, Cst. Doug Larche, Cst. Dave Ross and Cst. Fabrice Gevaudan, killed and two others wounded on June 4, 2014.

Upon receipt of the Independent Review, conducted by retired RCMP Assistant Commissioner Alphonse MacNeil, a team of experts was immediately assembled from across the RCMP to implement these recommendations. The RCMP has now concluded 42 of the recommendations. A total of 52 (or over 80%) of the 64 recommendations are expected to be completed by April 2016.

Key highlights related to officer safety include:

  • Expediting patrol carbine training and roll-out
  • Enhancing Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) training
  • Adding advanced and dynamic shooting drills to RCMP firearms qualifications to better reflect real-life encounters
  • Enhancing support and training for supervisors to respond to critical incidents
  • Improved services related to the aftercare of those impacted by critical events

“I am proud of the work we have accomplished in this past year, especially in the areas of equipment and training as they relate to officer safety,” says Janice Armstrong, Deputy Commissioner of Contract and Aboriginal Policing. “We have learned from this tragedy. The work that has been done and continues today will ensure a positive legacy from the most tragic of circumstances.”

The update on the implementation of the MacNeil recommendations is available on the RCMP’s website. We continue to move forward in implementing each of the MacNeil recommendations.

Officer safety is a top priority of the RCMP and through this continuing work the RCMP remains committed to its members and the communities they serve.

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