RCMP Releases Independent Review of Moncton shootings and Responds to Recommendations

Moncton, New Brunswick – Today the RCMP released the Independent Review of the Moncton tragedy that saw three RCMP officers killed and two others wounded on June 4, 2014. Along with the release of the Review, the RCMP has also made public its response, which details the RCMP’s action plan to address the Review’s recommendations.

The Independent Review, conducted by retired Assistant Commissioner Alphonse MacNeil, is an assessment of what took place on the evening of June 4, 2014, and the days that followed. The Review contains 64 recommendations, grouped under five broad themes: supervision, training, technology and equipment, communications, and aftercare.

“We have a duty to critically analyze what happened, not with a view to assigning blame, but to improving our operations in the future,” says Bob Paulson, Commissioner of the RCMP. “I would like to thank Alphonse MacNeil and his team for this comprehensive review as it has already informed the way our organization will move forward after this terrible tragedy.”

The RCMP has accepted all 64 of Mr. MacNeil’s recommendations and has already initiated a number of actions to respond to the recommendations. Further, the RCMP has made a commitment to publicly report on the implementation status of each of the recommendations contained in the Review in one year.

“We must learn from this tragedy. It is our duty to make sure all RCMP employees on the front lines are as prepared as possible to meet the threats we face every day,” says D/Commr Janice Armstrong. “Modern policing is a constantly changing environment that requires us to be equally as dynamic in our response,” continued Armstrong.  “Mr. MacNeil’s Review has highlighted where those changes are needed and we are committed to their implementation.”