RCMP on Radicalization in Communities

The Key issue of radicalization is not centred around a location, local economy or other geographic concern. Rather, it lies with identifying those persons, wherever they may choose to live or work, who may be vulnerable to being radicalized for a specific purpose. The national policing perspective is that we need to help them by working collaboratively with partners, communities at risk and families within those communities to prevent them from identifying with the ideology of such groups.

The RCMP is the lead agency on National Security concerns in Alberta and across the country. There is no indication that Fort McMurray is more at risk than any other community in Alberta, or the country for national security concerns. The RCMP is concerned by any terror related activity that is a direct threat to Canada as a country. We take any threat to the security of Canadians and their livelihood very seriously. As Canada’s national police force, the RCMP will fulfill its mandate and responsibility to investigate all such threats as they are known. We remain attentive for any threats and take active measures to ensure that the safety and security of Canadians is protected.

Canadians should not be fearful of the suggested terrorist threat, nor should they be complacent. It is important for the public to be vigilant and to bring any suspicious behaviour to the RCMP tip line at 1-800-420-5805 or by contacting your local police agency.