RCMP Okotoks – Impersonation of a Police Officer


On July 21, 2015, at 112 Street West, DeWinton, AB a vehicle was pulled over by a male who was impersonating a police officer. The male had red and blue flashing lights on his vehicle and presented himself as a Police Officer. The male asked the driver of the vehicle to provide her driver’s licence and registration before taking the documents back to his vehicle. The male then came back to the vehicle he had stopped, told the driver to slow down and that he had issued her a $200.00 fine and three demerit points on her licence.

The male can be described as the following:

  • Caucasian male, 20 years old to early 30’s
  • Short dark hair
  • Short facial hair, stubble
  • Dark eyes
  • Slim build
  • Long face with square chin
  • wearing a tan uniform with police badge pinned on chest

This matter is still under investigation.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident or other crimes is asked to call the Okotoks RCMP at 403-995-6400 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS FREE (8477).