RCMP Officers in Wood Buffalo Begin Pilot Project to Body Worn Video Cameras


Starting on June 27th, 2015 Wood Buffalo RCMP will be participating in a trial project that will see local police officers sporting body worn video (BWV) cameras which will film their interaction with local citizens. The trial is part of an RCMP national feasibility study into police use of BWV cameras. Wood Buffalo RCMP is one of only three RCMP detachments across Canada to be involved in the trial. RCMP detachments in Windsor and Indian Head, Nova Scotia will also participate in the July through November 2015 test project which is designed to assess use of BWV cameras in a frontline setting.

“The body worn camera project won’t impact day-to-day operations in Wood Buffalo,” said Sgt. Keith Horwood of Wood Buffalo RCMP, who is managing the local test project. “However, it is important for local citizens to realize that if you come into contact with an RCMP officer over the next four months, the possibility exists that the interaction will be filmed.”

BWV cameras will be issued to twelve Wood Buffalo RCMP officers who will be responsible for their operation throughout the four month trial period. The officers have received training in the operation and maintenance of the cameras. There are also protocols in place to govern the storage and retention of any digital video data collected. The protocols are based on guidance provided to police agencies from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada related to the proper storage and documentation of BWV camera footage.